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Ambassador Mr. Huang Ping pays courtesy visit to President Mnangagwa

On September 17, outgoing Chinese Ambassador to Zimbabwe Mr. Huang Ping paid a courtesy visit to the Zimbabwean President and First Secretary of Zanu-PF Cde Mnangagwa. The Political Counsellor from the Embassy Mr. Zhao Baogang, Director of Asia-Pacific Department in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Zimbabwe Ambassador Wutaunashe , Special Assistant to the President Gwatidzo etc. were present.

Ambassador Mr. Huang bade farewell to President Mnangagwa, and expressed his wholehearted thanks to the President and Zimbabwean Government for the full support to his work during his 3 year stay in Zimbabwe. Ambassador Mr. Huang said, over the past three years, under the care and through the joint effort of President Xi Jinping and the President, your excellency, two nation’s relations have upgraded to comprehensive strategic cooperation partnership, the cooperation in trade and cultural and personnel exchange etc. has been deepening continuously. Zimbabwe participated actively in ‘The Belt and Road’ and building a community of shared future for China and Africa. I am confident that both sides will take this as an opportunity to continuously uplift China-Zim comprehensive strategic cooperation partnership to a new level. Ambassador Mr. Huang emphasized, he would continue to take care and support the development of China-Zim relationship, continue to contribute to the two nation’s friendship.

President Mnangagwa spoke highly of the outstanding contributions and remarkable achievements made by Ambassador Mr. Huang on the promotion of China-Zim relation development, expressed his regret on his departure. He greatly thanked Ambassador Mr. Huang on behalf of Zanu-pf Party, Zimbabwean government and himself. He said, under his hard work and promotion, China-Zim practical work has achieved fruitful results. China provided financing and constructed expansion project of Victoria Falls Airport and expansion project of Kariba South Hydro Power Plant, all these important projects played an import role in promoting the economic development, improving people’s living standard of Zimbabwe. The expansion of Hwange Thermal Power Plant, expansion of Mugabe International Airport project and network expansion project of Net One, State owned company are all at the stage of being steadily implemented. Ties between two countries have been upgraded to comprehensive strategic cooperation partnership, all fields and sectors are facing great opportunities, Zimbabwe is willing to work together with China, to promote China-Zim relations with long-term and steady growth bringing more benefits to the people of the two nations.

Both sides also had in-depth exchange of views on further promoting bilateral relationship development, deepening mutual benefit cooperation between the two counties.

After the meeting, Ambassador accepted interviews from major media, Zimbabwe National TV, The Herald, Business Times, News Daily etc. and the reporters from Xinhua News Agency, China Media Group CCTV and International in Zimbabwe on the relevant issues of the meeting, as well as the remarkable achievement in the past three years on the bilateral relationship, and the newest development of the two nation’s important cooperation projects. Ambassador Mr. Huang expressed his thanks towards the friends from all media for the full support to himself and the work of the embassy in Zimbabwe, also hoped that they continue to keep a good atmosphere of public opinion for sustainable development of bilateral relations. Zimbabwe Media has given highly complimentary remarks to the extensive effort made by Ambassador Mr. Huang on the bilateral relations. Wish Ambassador Mr. Huang all the best and success in his new post.

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