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Chinese Charge affairs in Zimbabwe Mr. Zhao Baogang conducts TV network interviews with'Zimbabwe Independent,Zimbabwe Times and Zimpapers Television networks'
2018-11-09 16:54

Recently, Chinese Charge Affairs in Zimbabwe Mr. Zhao Baogang conducted TV network interviews with Zimbabwe Local Major Media respectively,including 'Zimbabwe Independent, Zimbabwe Times and Zimpapers TV networks'.

Addressing the Media, Charge d' Affairs Mr. Zhao introduced in details on the results achieved since China 40 years Reform and opening-up, the experience on China Economy developments,' Road and Belt' Initiative, results of Beijing Summit of FOCAC, the latest developments in China-Zimbabwe relations when he answered the questions from the reporters. Charge d' Affairs Mr. Zhao also stated opinions on so-called 'debt trap and new colonialism', refuted the unreasonable accusation and deliberate discrediting on China-Africa relations picked by some western media.

Zimbabwe Independent and Zimbabwe Times published the interview in full text articles respectively. Zimpapers TV networks also broadcasted the interview in 40 minutes long program which attracted wide attention from the audience and the readers.

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