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Ministry of Foreign Affairs Zimbabwe bid farewell to Ambassador Mr. Huang Ping and his wife

On September 21, Ministry of Foreign Affairs Zimbabwe and International Trade held an event to bid farewell to outgoing Ambassador Mr. Huang Ping and his wife. Acting Minister of Foreign Affairs, Minister of Home Affairs Hon. Mathema, Ministry of Foreign Affairs Asia-Pacific Division, Europe Division, Multilateral Division, Chief of Protocol with key staffs and Counsellor Mr. Zhao Baogang from Chinese Embassy in Zimbabwe were present at the event.

Hon. Minister Mathema highly valued the outstanding contribution to the development of China-Zim relationship made by Ambassador Mr. Huang during his 3 year tenure in Zimbabwe. He emphasized that China-Zim traditional friendship is deep and that Zimbabwean government and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs attach great importance to the development of China-Zim relations and will work together with China, with continuing support to the new Ambassador and the work of Chinese Embassy in Zimbabwe in order to maintain momentum for China-Zim relation development, to facilitate and deepen bilateral practical cooperation in all aspects.

During the event, Acting Minister of Foreign affairs Hon. Mathema, referring to the letter of appreciation signed personally by the President Mnangagwa to Ambassador Mr. Huang, which acknowledged the outstanding contribution made by Ambassador Mr. Huang on China-Zim Politics, Economy and Cultural and personnel exchange. He also wished Ambassador Mr. Huang achieve greater success in his new post.

Ambassador Mr. Huang expressed his gratitude towards the ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Trade Zimbabwe for the elaborate arrangement on his departure, and his special thanks to the president Mnangagwa for taking time out of his busy schedule to send a personal letter, saying this is a privilege for him, that it also shows President Mnangagwa attaches great importance to the relation between China and Zimbabwe which will definitely encourage himself and all staffs of the Chinese Embassy in Zimbabwe to work harder to promote China-Zim comprehensive strategic cooperation partnership to register further growth and bring more benefits to the people of the two countries.

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